5 Promotional Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

Effective promotion is critical to the success of any business, but not every organisation has the marketing budget of a global fast food giant or multinational oil company. This means that expensive types of promotion, such as television advertising or product placement, may not be possible. There are plenty of other options though that won’t break the bank, so any business, however small, can successfully connect with its customers. We have put together a selection of the possible tools available, to get you started. Once you have these in your armoury you are well on your way to having a well marketed business. Business cards Business cards are a simple and inexpensive way of promoting your business. Use a professional business card printing service to ensure the highest quality product that will help you leave a positive impression on possible clients. Keep the design of your business cards simple, with a clear and striking logo, and your basic company contact details. Carry your cards at all times and take every opportunity to distribute them widely to potential customers. Include a business card with mail outs and other correspondence. Freebees One thing we all have in common is that everyone loves getting something for nothing. You can use this to your advantage and generate interest and awareness of your business by producing branded items to give away. These need not be expensive — as long as you are not asking for any money in return, potential customers will snap them up. Items such as stubby coolers, baseball caps and drink bottles can all be printed with your company logo and details, and can be distributed to spread the word about your business. Social media The inexorable rise of social marketing has seen the face of advertising change dramatically in recent years. Increasingly, major global brands are as likely to use social networking sites such as twitter and youtube to promote their products as they are to advertise on television. The great news for small business owners is that the barriers to entry are far fewer with this new type of advertising. Financial costs are minimal; the only requisites are creativity and social media savvy. So, if you are not already exploring the possibilities of social media marketing, it really is about time you started. Booklets In an increasingly electronic age it can be easy to forget about the importance of the traditional printed word, but that would be a mistake. Flyers and brochures remain an excellent and cost effective way of getting your message across.  Professional booklet printing is a good idea to ensure a high level of quality that will reflect well on your business, but it needn’t cost a fortune. There are plenty of printers that offer very affordable rates and in comparison to many other forms of marketing the costs are minimal. Networking Whatever else you do to promote your business, never forget the value of networking. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to talk to potential customers. Try to avoid turning every conversation into a sales pitch but gently probe new contacts to see if they might be in need of your services; if they show interest give them one of your business cards and discuss getting together for a formal meeting.

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