3 Ways to Spread Good News

When we have a piece of good news, we want to shout it from the rooftops. Perhaps it’s a pregnancy, a birth, an engagement or a wedding. Whatever the news, our desire to tell our friends and relatives has meant that for generations we’ve been coming up with new and exciting ways to let people in on our joy. In the modern world, it’s confusing to know just how to deliver the message. While an email is probably the most practical, some things just need a little more celebration, perhaps something you can hold, display or stick on the fridge. Whether your method is greeting card printing or messenger pigeon (we really hope it’s not the latter) we’ve got three contemporary ways for you to spread whatever joyous news you’d like to share. Flyers Contrary to popular opinion, flyers aren’t just for businesses. A flyer is the perfect no-fuss shape to deliver a message, and can be customised however you want. A lot of people choose to create flyers for the birth of a child, and affix a photograph of their newborn to the front to share with friends and family. This is not only a beautiful memento of a special time in your life, but lets people know they’re important enough to you and your family to be one of the first to know. Whether you want to print the photo directly on the flyer or you’d prefer to attach a photo after the printing is entirely up to you, and you can have as much input in the design process as you want. Websites Some people prefer an online forum, and choose to create a website or blog to spread their good news. This typically happens with a lot with weddings or events with a lot of information to convey that a conventional invitation simply can’t hold. It’s a good idea to send invitations as well, but there are several great website templates where you can design and edit an entire blog for the purpose of keeping guests and potential guests up to date with events. Postcards Another great method of notifying people of things is a postcard. Postcard printing is becoming more and more popular due to the advantage of being able to send the card as is, without the need for an envelope. It is also a classy and elegant way to send ‘save the date’ cards or cards notifying people of the birth of a child. Many families are choosing to send Christmas postcards as well. They offer a modern style and sophistication, along with a reduction in paper usage.

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