The Benefits of Promotional Magazines For Businesses

Because there is so much advertising around us, people are becoming more and more immune to its effect. Where once, a flyer in the letterbox would attract attention, now it has to fight for a showing among twenty others just like it. Quite literally, the message is getting drowned out by the quantity. This is why businesses need to get smarter with their marketing content. They also need to get smarter about the way in which they present it. More and more businesses are taking to magazine printing as a means by which to speak to consumers. Not only that, but they also publish content in a variety of forums, to keep their approach fresh.

What Makes a Good Promotional Magazine?

Firstly, let’s talk about what a good promotional magazine is not. It’s not a catalogue. It’s not a flyer dedicated solely to extolling the virtues of your particular service. It’s not just another chance to spin the company line. A  good promotional magazine is a publication that is packed full of relevant, interesting content tailored to the interests of your particular demographic. It is well-written, well-researched, and provides people with something for nothing – good information. If, for example, you run a business specialising in health-food products, your promotional magazine might include stories on athletes, on yoga, healthy living and new exercise and meditation techniques on the market.

Why Should My Business Produce One?

Because giving people interesting information for free makes them feel good. Good feeling, in a marketplace where there are a lot of weary consumers, equates to brand loyalty and increased sales. Also, you can advertise as much as you want for free – it’s your magazine! Producing a magazine on topics related to what you offer establishes you as a leader in the field. It means you can have a voice, an authority and a loyalty with the people you want to retain. You can bring on board as clients, customers and consumers.

How to Do It

Depending on your budget, your limitations and the scope you want to cover in your magazine, you can either outsource to a marketing agency or produce the magazine in-house with the help of a copywriter or copywriters. The main idea is to produce something that not only reads like a quality magazine, but looks professional and authoritative.

Printing and Distribution

In terms of printing, most booklet printing companies will have the capacity to print your magazine. If you enlist the help of a company you’ve already worked with to get business cards or flyers printed, you may be able to organise a package deal. When it comes to distribution, send it to all of your existing clients, your database and people you would generally market to. Once people start to realise that your magazine is worth a read, your content, and your message, will start to spread!

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