How to Make a Booklet Fast and Easy

There are so many reasons you may need to print a booklet. Whether you’re trying to condense data in a concise, easy to follow way or trying to advertise a product or service that your business offers, a booklet can be the perfect forum for delivering information. A lot of businesses engage the services of a booklet printing company to deal with getting the final product, but this doesn’t mean that all the work is taken out. The most challenging part of creating a booklet has to do with content, design and layout, all of which you can design yourself with a few simple tips. Content First things first, you need to decide on the content you’re going to create for your booklet. This obviously varies wildly depending on the purpose of the booklet. Perhaps you’re putting together a funeral or wedding program and want the songs, prayers, and running order to be included. You might be producing an information booklet with instructions on how to use a certain product, or you might simply be putting together a promotional booklet to showcase a city or event. Whatever the purpose, you need to think of how your content will best serve that purpose. A booklet, by definition, is not a large document, so you need to be concise and really think about the reasons for including or not including certain things. Layout Once you’ve decided what you want the booklet to say, you’ll need to decide on a layout and which content goes where. This means organising content into logical, aesthetically pleasing formats so that it is not only easy to follow for the reader but from your point of view, it needs to get across what you’re trying to say. The easiest way to do this is to use a template, many of which are free in the Microsoft Office suite of programs or able to be downloaded online. These templates will allow you to organise your content in an appropriate format and are very user-friendly. Design The design of your booklet, in terms of colour, graphics, fonts and logos is something that you can either take care of yourself (if the project is simple or you’re a talented artist/designer) or you can outsource to a quality graphic designer who will be able to take care of the finishing touches. A graphic designer can also take care of the layout but if you’re looking to save money then doing the layout yourself will free up more of your budget for a good designer. Printing Finally, there is getting your booklet printed. To do this you should find a quality agency. Most business card printing agencies also offer booklets and flyers so if you’re a business you may wish to go with the company who printed your business cards for some continuity (providing, of course, that you were happy with their service!). Once your booklet is printed you can’t make any changes, so make sure you double and triple check your work at every stage of the process!

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