How To Make a Memorable Business Card

In a world where everyone is online and we don’t even use a phonebook anymore, you might be under the impression that business card printing and booklet printing are no longer necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because we now have so many avenues on which we can be found such as Facebook, Twitter, our blogs, our websites, our home, business and mobile phones, we have even more need for compact ways of giving this information to people we meet in a hurry. The average business card these days has no less than about 5 different methods of contact written on it, and gives clients and associates a range of options when the time comes to get in touch. But how do you make a business card that sticks in someone’s mind? This article gives you tips and advice on how to make sure your business card is a memorable one. Colours Plain white was once the stock-standard look for business cards, so much so that they were barely distinguishable from each other in a punter’s wallet. This is not good news if you’re looking to be remembered. These days, business cards can come in any colour, or variety of colours, that your heart desires, so be bold and choose something that folks will remember. Design Branding business cards with your logo is a must. Make sure that your logo is incorporated in a way that merges well with the card’s overall layout, without obscuring the information you need to get across. Always make business cards double sided; when it comes to someone sifting through their wallet to try to find you, it’s a good idea to be able to be found quickly, before they find the card of a competitor! Sometimes this can mean the difference between making a sale or not. Outside the Square What about a round business card? A triangular one? Who says all business cards have to be the same size and shape? A lot of companies are also starting to hand out virtual business cards, tiny CDs that upload information right onto a PC. Of course, with this kind of gimmick, you run the risk of a client throwing it in their desk drawer without ever uploading it, but it certainly makes an impact if used. Quality In a world where your options for making a statement are limited, quality speaks louder than gimmicks. Choose a business card printing company that uses only the highest quality inks and paper. Make sure that the small details are taken care of and the printing is not going to smudge or fade. If you’re not remembered for anything else, being remembered for quality is beneficial to any business. A potential client will only take away with them two things you leave behind after a meeting; your business card and your first impression. Make both of them memorable.

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