How to Choose the Right Printing Company

Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to outsource printing for your clients or a business looking to deal directly with a printing company for business card printing or mass-newsletter sends, the printing company you decide upon can have a big effect on your success. Making the wrong choice can not only lead to delays and mistakes, it can also cost you clients or sully your reputation in the business world by creating sub-standard products. There are a few things to look out for when trying to decide on a printing company and we’ve put together a list to try to help you out. Happy hunting! Online Finding a company online is great – really, how else would we do it these days? But once you’ve found a company you think looks good it is important at some stage of the operation for you to insist on seeing samples. Paper quality, ink quality and the overall production process all effect the end result of your project, so insisting upon seeing a sample in person rather than just in jpeg form is prudent. A printing company who is reluctant to do this should raise a few red flags. Flexibility Another thing to look for is a printing company that is proactive in finding solutions for you. Whether it’s a matter of suggesting a package that better suits your business needs or suggesting ways in which you could really take advantage of logo placement on other products, the more involved and flexible a company is, the more chance you have of developing a lasting professional relationship. People Power It sounds like a small consideration, but choosing a company with people you feel you can really communicate with is important, and will become even more so as you get into specifics about projects, deadlines and other transactions. It’s important to choose a printing company with staff that not only make an effort to understand your needs, but who are able to communicate properly from their end, clearing up any confusion that could result in delays or mistakes. Variety Even if you may only be interested in booklet printing or business card printing at the time, it’s advisable to choose a company with the capacity to tackle a wide range of projects. Often, as you expand, your printing needs will expand with you, and if you can keep the same business arrangement with the same printer you’ll be able to achieve continuity with your products. Look for a company that isn’t quick to pigeon-hole itself – if they’re open to expansion then there’s more chance that they can take on any project that might come up later down the track.

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