Seasonal Marketing Ideas

In the world of marketing ‘Seasonality’ is an area of constant focus. By looking at seasonality we can take advantages and make cost savings by better understanding trends in our market. Seasonality is about looking at all the regular and constant market trends for your business. By extrapolating on this we can apply strategies on development and maximising the right times to the right parts of our business.. Christmas, school holidays, taxation time, Summer and Winter are all elements of seasonality. Look at the whole year. It may be a good idea to arrange Christmas business card printing in November and distribute your greeting cards and take advantage of the festive season to remind your clients about you and your business. Here are some core seasonal marketing ideas to help you better market and grow your business.

Greetings, gift giving and reminders

Greeting cards for Christmas and other cultural religions related to your business may be extremely effective in your business. The better you know your clients the more effective you may be. Sending Christmas cards to a Muslim or a Jew may not be the best thing to do. Greeting cards related to culture can be very effective with a little research. Even noting important client birthdays can be considered seasonality.

Diversification at special times

If you watch any TV you will notice that advertisers take advantage of seasonality all year long. Think about how to appeal to your existing and potential clients at different regular times of the year. It may be good to offer large discounts if you are a swimming installation company in winter, or you may consider promoting your pool protection products during that regular time of the year. Promoting and diversifying your business during school holidays. By taking advantage of seasonality and thinking in terms of seasonality you will analyse your business operations with more effect and detail. It may not be a good time to prepare your new booklet printing until early in the year if you are in commercial cleaning services as most of your clients are not back at work until mid January. Seasonality is to encompass all areas and trends that exist out of your control and influence your business. Instead of fighting those trends work with them and look for strategies that help you.

Don’t over commercialise

An awful trend and a complaint of many consumers as a result of hard marketing by many businesses is a feeling of over-commercialisation. You know seasonality in relation to your market and your business. You may not need to brand and over-communicate your marketing. Do you really need to state that you have a school holiday or Christmas sale, it may just be a better time to launch the new series of your products. Look at the big name brands, they time the launch of many products depending on season and seasonality without mentioning. Do you need to put too much marketing and sales material on Christmas greeting cards? Sometimes marketing less is more. Stay true to your core company statement and core ideals. Look at your marketing as a long term strategy and build your good will.

Seasonality has many elements that apply to all businesses and yet many elements that are unique to every business. Use these ideas to examine your business and develop more intricate marketing, sales and a goodwill building strategy.

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