Helpful Tips on Re-branding Your Business

Is your business looking out of date and did your last set of booklet printing look to shabby to give out to your customers. Is your business not looking as modern as it should. Or do you just simply want to upgrade the appeal of your business. Here are some helpful tips ways to go about it.

1. Understand what branding is

The standard definition is as follows: A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer. A product line so identified: a popular brand of soap. But we can think it to be a little more noting that the style of branding and the message communicates a personality. Branding is more than a logo or image it the total message and personality we are communicating.

2. Why re-brand your business?

As we have already mentioned your brand is more than your logo, your tag line or your colour palette. Your business may have outgrown or changed in considerable way and this is the perfect time to re-rand your business. You may just wish to give your business a facelift to make it more appropriate to current times. Has your mission changed? Have your goals expanded and what are they now? If you business has grown or changed re-branding is an excellent way to communicate and re-boot interest in your company.

A small company may wish to do this on a yearly basis in the early years depending on the growth and development of products and services. Note we should also be careful not to do this too often as it may confuse our clients and business partners. The importance of brand is that it is stable, often when we re-brand we may actually only be upgrading our existing brand.

3. Before re-branding

Remember that branding includes the greater personality of our business or service. We need to start at the beginning and have a good think about our mission statement and core ideals and core products and services to encompass how our business has changed. By understanding these elements we will be clear about how we will change our existing brand. A winery may have extended its business into other organic products and that may influence a whole range of elements of their brand, including a total re-work of their logo and not just an update. By being clear about all the elements of your business to ensure good execution.

4. Re-branding means everything

When you re-brand your products, services, tools and any communications you must make sure that every item you have been using. You cannot change your website and forget about your business card printing. If this exercise is your first you may look at solutions such as hiring a professional or looking at some of the great and convenient design and printing services available online that can handle the majority of your needs at a one stop shop.

The benefits of re-branding can be numerous. It is a good opportunity to re-exam your company profile and ideals. It is an expression and message of change, betterment and growth to your clients and against your competitors. Strengthen your business and re-enforce your position with your trusted clients and in the market.

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