5 Tips on How to Write Advertising Copy

Not everyone is a expert and writing advertising copy is a specialised field but there are some basic principles to writing advertising copy that you can execute yourself when preparing for booklet printing or your own advertisements. Here are 5 basic tips and hints on how to write copy and good advertising copy for you and your business.

1.Other adverts.

Start by reading other adverts and get a feel for the way adverts look and the way that other marketing material flows. The more that you read will naturally result in you own writing style for advertising to change to that of those punchier and more succinct advertising styles. Get a feel for advertising copy.

2. Learn to write sequels of other advertisements.

You can practise your skills before writing your own advertising copy by trying to write at least 3-5 sequels to any particular advertisement of particular interest to you or your business. Writing sequels to other adverts to get the same feel and tone is a great way to practise to prepare yourself for producing your own good advertising copy.

3. Know where and when.

Remember good advertising copy can be placed in a variety of locations and this should be thought about when you are producing any of your company communications. All of your business communications are potentially advertisements.

Stop and see where you could be putting your advertising, perhaps when are next arranging for business card printing or other information on your website. Good advertising copy may be a well written article or blog.

4.Good and correct writing.

The essence of any good advertising copy is good and correct writing. Use all the tools such as spell checkers and thesauruses and that are available to you to produce clear and concise writing. Minimise the amount of unnecessary words it takes to get your message across.

Apply all the principles of good writing as a foundation to writing your great advertising copy. Some basic principles will always apply. If you advert is easy to read and easy to understand then you are well on your way to writing good copy.

5. Understand your target.

One of the biggest mistakes when writing advertising copy is that many people forget about who they are writing for. Remember that you may understand what you are trying to say but others may not. One of the most basic principles of writing good advertising copy is to write for your reader.

Carefully analyse and define who your target reader is and write your copy so it is appealing and easy for them to understand. An advertisement for a single product may be greatly different for two types of audiences. Get your message right for the right target audience.

These are some of the essentials of writing good advertising copy and can be applied by anyone who wishes to produce their own advertising copy for their business. The fact is that some people just have the ability to do this and others are professionals after many years of experience. There is nothing wrong with giving it a go.

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