6 Novel Marketing Ideas

Marketing is big business. However not all marketing has to be big cost. Good marketing is about getting people to remember your message and not just to getting it to them. Sometimes great ideas are what make the marketing difference. On the other hand, poor marketing can be detrimental to business. Bombarding potential customers and others with a poorly thought out messages may steer them away from choosing you, lacking information despite spending all that money on your booklet printing can be a costly mistake. Be careful with the message you wish to communicate and start with clear concise messages. Take time to think through and make sure that target readers will understand what you are trying to say. In the meantime here are 6 novel, interesting and effective marketing ideas to get attention… Give-away items. We see them everywhere whether stuck on our fridge or in our hand as we write down a note. The fact is that we do see that company name or brand on the item every time we use or look at it. Well chosen every day and useful items branded with our own message can be very cost effective. These free give away items often give us a little goodwill as they come in handy for those that we give. Be creative and effective with smart and useful give-away items. Entertaining and funny email marketing. Make use of the internet and make use of your internet marketing. You message does not always have to be about your business. You can compile interesting jokes, entertainment and other messages that will entertain your potential customers. Sometimes we can provide a service that is not always directly related to our business that entertains and informs and is provided by us creating goodwill. How to videos. Have to be the best source of learning how to do something on the internet and are a great way to market yourself and your products. Some people go as far as to create entertaining channels and other series on youtube. A great way for people to learn and more importantly learn about and remember you or your business. No one expects online videos to be at the quality of television or paid television and so get started with easy to use software and just about any camera you can get your hands on. Calendars. It might not be such a new idea but actually doing it for yourself or your business might well be. Creating a calendar that is truly easy and good to use allowing for space for writing in dates or laying out well across a desk is a truly novel and not well exploited marketing tool. Everyone will keep a calendar and use it if it is well produced. Make your calendar useful and it will be used. Charitable activities. Have ever thought about running a company race or some other zany event for local needy charities. By actively participating in your community and doing good for others you can gain a lot of exposure in newspapers and television, not to mention the good will that you will generate. Unique business cards. Next time you are arranging your business card printing it might be a good idea to stop and think. What can you do to make that difference. Remember many people don’t really care for business cards long and there is many a time you will see them stuff one in their pocket only for it to get destroyed before the next time they need it. Think about your business card in relation to your business, perhaps it has a code for entry into a company lucky draw to further entice your target customer. If you are selling beer make it a beer bottle opener? Novel marketing ideas do not always need to be new, they can be variations on existing ideas that make all the difference. Get your message out and have fun while you are doing it.

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