Should One Use a Graphic on Promotional Materials?

When organising promotional materials for one’s business, many businesspeople opt for some sort of logo, picture or graphic to represent their business. The outcomes of doing this should generally be positive. If one requests book printing, flyers and business cards for promoting one’s business, it’s worth keeping any graphic designs consistent across all the materials.


Branding is important to a business. Choosing a business name is one of the first things one might do when starting a new company or business venture. While this is important (and some clever business names are catchy and memorable), this is only part of the mix needed to succeed. A company slogan, catchphrase or mission statement can add to impressions of a company in consumers’ minds. One of the most powerful tools a company can use on promotional materials is a visual; that is, a picture or logo. A well known Australian bank reportedly spent millions of dollars on the eventual development of a logo that looks very uncomplicated. If market research served them correctly, then this may have been what was required – a simple, uncomplicated design that was memorable and stays in consumers’ minds, whilst also giving a good representation of the bank’s values.


A graphic or visual as part of company branding might represent different things to different people. If it needs to be one thing, then the picture should be unambiguous. if the picture’s value is unclear, then it needs to at least engender positive emotions in those that are in the target market.


Either way, what a company’s logo or graphic really needs to do is provide an association between the picture, and the company’s products or services. The graphic can then serve to reinforce the company’s products or services in the consumer’s mind.

Standing Out From The Competition

In a competitive marketplace, good companies will look to differentiate themselves from their competition as much as possible. They will be at pains to highlight how their product is clearly superior to the rest. Having a graphic on a business card or brochure that is able to somehow enhance this positioning is clearly a benefit. Think of values like quality and reliability, and how these might be portrayed in a picture or other graphic.

Capturing All Types of Potential Consumers

People remember things differently. If we look at a business card, some people might remember the website address, or the division of the contact one is dealing with. A visual aid is a good reminder that sticks in people’s minds and helps bring back other details.

What Type Of Graphic?

Finally we come to the difficult question of what type of graphic to use on one’s pamphlets, flyers and business cards. If a company already has a specific visual as part of their logo and identity, then it is likely that it should be used. It represents the ideals that a company holds dear. Otherwise, one needs to consider and assess how best to portray their product and express the company’s ideals, before deciding on any visual. Whether they are homogeneous pictures, or something personally created, graphical images used on promotional materials can be of great assistance in expressing a company’s values. They also assist with future brand and company recognition. Consider one next time you order your next lot of brochure printing.

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