6 Tips For Attracting Customers With Vouchers

A brochure is one of the most cost-effective ways to help you to expand your business. Far cheaper in the long run than most types of advertising, brochures are a fantastic marketing tool. You don’t need a big advertising budget to be able to afford to use brochures in your business, and you don’t have to pay high prices to get a high quality, professional product. Especially when you order online with a brochure printing company like Dark Horse Print and Design!

In the business world, brochures can serve two different functions, depending on how you are planning to use the finished product. You can have a brochure that will attract people’s attention. It either has a colour or a headline that catches the eye – maybe both. It makes people want to step over, take it out of the rack, and examine it to see what it’s all about.

Some people even call this kind of brochure a “teaser”. It has just enough information about your business to pique the curiosity, and make someone want to know more. It usually includes what is known as a call to action, which can simply be your business phone number, or an invitation to come to your visit in person. This would be an ideal brochure for a new customer or someone passing by who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Vouchers are a good way to incentivise a customer to purchase or sample your product. There are limitless options of exactly what to offer a potential consumer. While vouchers can lure a customer to a particular product, it’s worth using this event to learn as much about a customer as possible, as this information is usually valuable. One can have vouchers printed at many outlets that also offer book printing.

Mass Market Approach

This approach is appropriate if the product one is trying to sell appeals to a major segment of the general population (think McDonald’s). Getting vouchers out via this method can be done in several ways. Letterbox drops are one way. Handing out vouchers in high foot traffic areas, like the central business district is another.


For a product that has a more niche appeal, the mass market approach is unlikely to work too well. Instead, one should go through the channels that represent the types of customers one is trying to make contact with. Industry specific trade fairs, or locations that are synonymous with your product are possibilities. For example, vouchers for discounts on new sports equipment is probably likely to be well received at a weekend sports event. Inserting these vouchers in a sports related magazine would be another targeted option.

Clear Plan

However one decides to use vouchers, it is essential to firstly have a clear plan on what one intends to achieve. From there one can develop a strategy on voucher usage.

Give Customers A Range Of Options

One can never be too sure how a promotional campaign is going to pan out. Unless you really have your finger on the pulse, and are extremely confident that customers will react favourably to a single campaign, don’t limit yourself. Rather, give customers a few options. Some customers might be happy with a free gift. Others may prefer “buy one, get one free”. Some more may be happy to sign up to a mailing list for an additional incentive. Giving choice can help attract different types of consumers.

Effective Recording Systems

Attracting extra customers through the distribution of vouchers can be a simple, effective technique. It can, however, be so much more than this. Bringing voucher clutching consumers to your product or service offers a golden opportunity – to learn about your customers. Naturally, one needs to put a system in place to record data about these customers. Numbered or segmented vouchers may help a business find out which segment a customer received vouchers through. Voucher special offers can also make it a precondition that users provide a certain level of personal information, in order to receive the special offer – this could be in the way of a few simple questions, or providing answers by signing up to a mailing list.

Results And Lesson Learning

Apart from looking at any obvious changes in sales figures, there is much to be learned from voucher campaigns. This could include learning which offers were most attractive to consumers, as well as consumer demographics, such as what types of consumers are responding, their ages, genders and so on. One also needs to assess any increases in sales against the increased costs of acquiring new customers. One can then adjust any future voucher campaigns to increase effectiveness. You can then embark on the next lot of voucher printing and brochure printing with increased confidence.

Or, you can have the kind of brochure that would be perfect for the customers that already know you are in business, but perhaps don’t know about everything you have to offer – maybe someone who picked up one of the brochures describe above and took it home with them to read! This brochure is full of facts, would not be suitable for someone who wasn’t really familiar with your business, as all the information would more than likely not be given any attention other than a cursory glance.

As a general rule, you don’t place an info-packed brochure out for the curious to pick up. You would be defeating the entire purpose of the brochure, unless your literature was placed somewhere that you knew that interested and potential customers might frequent. A good example of this would be a brochure extolling the virtues of your children’s clothing store at an indoor playground or gym that attracts children of the ages that are suitable to your clothing lines.

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