6 Great Ways To Target Customers

The importance of marketing in attracting customers is well known to most good businesses. Printing solutions like book printing and brochure printing serve their purposes. The internet is also another tool that cannot be ignored. Combining all the ways one has to communicate with customers forms the basis of an integrated marketing plan. The more cleverly a company can use all these communication options, the higher the chances of customer engagement.


Posters can be used to targeting a broad audience. One could say they cast a wide net, when displayed in highly populated areas. They are a good means of building initial awareness of a company or product.


Like posters, flyers are also good at getting the initial word out, but potentially also provide a call to action. For example, “surrender this flyer for a free sample”, or “visit our website for more information”. Flyers can also provide more information than a poster might. For customers that are interested in the product being offered, they will be prepared to read on.

Brochures and Booklets

Brochures and booklets are useful when one has increasing confidence that a customer or client is interested in a particular product or service. Handing out brochures like flyers might be a little wasteful, but once it is established that a customer is seeking a product or service, brochures are great in providing comprehensive product information.

The Internet

Most companies have a website nowadays. There are plenty of ways to use it to interact with customers. It starts with an easy to remember website address. Encouraging interested consumers to register their details helps a business get to learn about potential clients, and help engage with them.

Mailing Lists

Flyers can be used to draw people to a website, and encourage them to register, providing a business with valuable customers details. From here one knows who to target. In turn these details can be used to mail out more promotional materials when appropriate. This could be by way of a more detailed brochure (which might be expensive to hand out indiscriminately on the street, but appropriate to send once one knows that customers are interested). Mailouts may also be appropriate when a new product or service is launched, or periodically for special offers.

Those that take the time to register are likely to have a high interest in the product on offer, so maintaining and nurturing such customers by reinforcing that they are valued customers will help to keep them. If they are repeat customers, periodic mailings of special offers due to their loyalty can also help reinforce this. The old adage that it’s many times cheaper and easier to keep an existing customer than to find a new one should be kept in mind here.

Integrated Efforts

In some of the scenarios above, we can see that the methods of targeting customers have gone full circle. Printed promotional matter may have initially engaged a potential customer, and enticed them to find extra information or even register at the company website. This in turn may warrant further targeted printed material being sent to the potential customer. We can see that different efforts can be quite complementary, and work off each other in drawing a potential customer to one’s business.

The use of brochure printing and other promotional materials are effective means for reaching out to potential customers. Using different printed matter for different purposes is important, but combining each of these, and adding the internet and any other promotional activities into the mix can help enhance results in drawing in customers.

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