Top 5 Tips for Making a Great Marketing Campaign

What makes a marketing campaign both unforgettable and effective? Marketing campaigns that stick with consumers are the kind that offer a link or bond of some kind between the company and their clientele. Great marketing campaigns appeal to the emotions of their audience, with humour ranking high on the hit list. A marketing campaign needs to be transparent, honest, effective and affecting, but how do you go about doing so? Here’s 5 top tips that will help you build a great campaign:

1. Consistency and branding.

Your campaign may range from television to the newspaper, from simple poster printing to full-sized billboards. It may encompass any number of different media. Regardless of what or how many different types of advertising medium you use, having a consistent look and feel is essential. Although it’s important that each aspect of your campaign is specifically designed for each size, shape and location it may appear on, you nevertheless need to make it obvious that they are promoting the same thing and are from the same campaign.

2. Free things

Simple as that. By offering something in return for nothing, you then have a platform from which to sell your product. Marketing campaigns can then be divided into two stages. Market the free item to your consumers, then use it to illustrate their need for your product. Free information packs through the mail work well for this. Include a brochure or booklet with essential information and reports revolving around your product.

3. Philosophy

Your marketing campaign needs to reflect your company philosophy and ethos. Successful marketing campaigns are able to use the virtues that a company holds dear and use them as strong points in advertising. Think of toilet tissue advertising campaigns: always full of images of wholesome, healthy families and clean living, leading us to associate such virtues with that brand.

4. Simplicity

One word or one sentence slogans should both reflect the company philosophy and be used in conjunction with the theme of the advertising campaign. Think of the MasterCard ‘Priceless’ slogan, which continues to be fresh today due to its being used in different ways all the time. Or the old Coca Cola slogan ‘Enjoy’, which seemed to sum up that company’s whole attitude to life.

5. Pathos

Appeal to the audience’s emotions. By evoking simple emotions due to images or text within advertising, consumers are linking your product or service with that emotion. Humour is the most obvious choice here, although pity and anger does work in extreme cases such as charity organisations.

Great marketing campaigns stick in our minds. We laugh at the posters, the radio jingles get stuck in our heads and we come to realise that that product or service they’re telling us about really is something that we need. Household name brands have great marketing campaigns to thank for rising to the status they enjoy today, and the household names of tomorrow will have produced some great, entertaining marketing campaigns. Make sure you;re one of them.

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