5 Ideas to Promote your Charity or non Profit Organisation

Charity organisations and events are amazing ways of raising money for worthy causes, but what about the up-front costs of advertising and promotion? You’re likely not going to have a lot of money to work with so competing on the same playing fields as companies with money to burn is unlikely to gain you any notice. You need to put your promotion efforts where people are going to see them with minimal money spent but an air of authenticity. To help you get a good turnout and get noticed, here’s 5 ideas for promoting your charity or non-profit organisation:


It may seem odd to attach a corporate identity to a charity, but it is a must in the consumer culture of today. Your brand and your logo must be immediately identifiable to the people you wish to target. Spending money on poster printing and business cards without your brand attached will leave you looking unprofessional. An authentic brand means an authentic company in the eyes of the public.


This is going to be one of the best ways that you can interact with people. With a website you are able to clearly state your organisations goals, efforts and achievements. A blog is also a good idea. With this you are able to promote any events or important current events that relate to your cause.

Social networking sites

Many charity organisations don’t have the money or skills to set up a proper website. The best option for a web presence is to use free blogs and social networking sites. These can either work as satellites to your main website (if you can indeed afford one) or as a simple tool to inform interested parties of your concerns and campaigns. Don’t forget to make sure you’re active and responsive!

Print media

Brochure, poster and booklet printing are the most effective ways to physically inform people. Giving them something to physically hold and read, especially if printed professionally, will lend authenticity to your cause and make people pay attention.

Public arena

Find out when and where markets are held and try and organise a stall. The organisers may offer you a discount if you’re a charity. Print stickers and give them out, make posters informing people about your charity and it’s ultimate goals and where they can donate if they would like. University orientation weeks are a great place to hold an information stall. This is also a chance to do some fundraising such as a sausage sizzle. Or perhaps offer something trivial or novelty in exchange for people signing up for your newsletter.

Remember that you’re asking people to care about something that will not necessarily offer them any immediate rewards, a hard sell in today’s world. Having your brand in order and knowing how to get your voice heard amidst everyone else’s is the difference between a successful charity and an ineffectual one.

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