How to Expand Your Client Base

Clients are everything. Sometimes it can be difficult to see where your business can grow. It can be equally as difficult to expand your client base, but we’ve put together the following list which will hopefully help you master the art of attaining new clients.

It’s all about the customer

There is no doubt that it is easier retaining customers than seeking out new ones. That said, for a business to grow and be successful, it needs to increase its client base. If your business has reached a point where it could use more customers, then the first thing you need to do is to put your customers first. What this means is that in all the marketing that you do, from flyer printing to revamping your website, you need to focus on the customer and not on your business.

Gain customer confidence and dispel distrust

Perhaps the reason you do not have the client base that your competitor has is because you have not clearly communicated the advantages of doing business with you. Make it your number one priority to gain customer confidence because any indecisiveness, skepticism, indifference or confusion spells trouble for a business. Project instead an image of experience, quality, good service and dependability. You can do this by offering guarantees and providing customer reviews and testimonials.

Expand your target market

After you’ve tried to reach a certain target market for a period of time, you may want to try expanding to other markets. Doing so may bring in new customers. Do a review of your products and services and see if there is another market that could benefit from your offerings. Before you make the leap, send out a small test advertisement to see if taking on this new market is viable.

Create a website or start a blog

This is a great way to expand your client base. You will be able to reach more people in places you probably wouldn’t visit with the click (or several clicks) of the mouse. Creating a website or a blog is inexpensive and sometimes even free! By creating a website, you are making it easier for the customer to find information about your product or service. Moreover, search engines love blogs so if your blog includes specific key words, new customers will find it in no time. Businesses with websites tend to portray a certain level of professionalism so move with the times!

Use direct mail postcard marketing

Postcard marketing has had success in attracting customers and growing businesses. Moreover, colour postcard printing is fairly cost effective. There are three reasons why postcards are effective. Firstly, postcards build credibility because it gives the recipient the idea that you are an established key player. Because some people may respond right away while other will not, repetition is key. Secondly, visual imagery is just as important as the written message. It is important to choose the right picture because it is the first thing that people will notice when they receive the postcard. Finally, postcards are easy to read and they convey the message immediately.

Find a buddy

Join forces with complementary businesses. For instance, if you own a pet shop, you may want to partner with a pet groomer to promote both your services and products together. You can do so by offering customers who come from this alliance special discounts. Buddy marketing gives you an opportunity to reach a new pool of potential customers.

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