Top 8 Printing Ideas from Online Printers

If you are looking to have your stationery professionally printed, there is more on offer from online printers than letterheads and business cards. Among some of the other printed materials for sale are brochures and booklets. Using posters printing services that are sourced on line are not only easy and convenient but can be an affordable option.

Some of the top printing ideas suggested by online printers are detailed below.

1. Business Cards

A business card is almost a necessity for anyone wanting to stay ahead of the competition. The cards are typically 9 cm wide and printed on a 300 gsm standard stock card. GSM is the abbreviation for grams per square metre and denotes the weight of the card. Choose from flat or glossy finishes and print on both sides to provide extra information.

2. Letterheads

A letterhead invokes an instant response from the recipient so ideally this should be one of confidence in your business. Quality paper and stylish designs for your letterhead can be achieved by working with the printer. Take advantage of their graphic designers on staff to create a polished finish and consider having matching envelopes done at the same time as some printers will give an attractive discount on bulk orders.

3. Booklets

Booklets can be printed and professionally bound by online printers. Use these as a promotional tool or have them available for resale.

4. Brochures

Brochures printing is an area best left to the experts at all times. Online printers can help with design and suggest paper thicknesses and folding options.

5. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are ideal for people who struggle to find a suitable gift. The vouchers can be made into booklets and with the use of variable data printing can be individually numbered making it easy to keep track of how many have been issued and redeemed.

6. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a lovely way to show your appreciation for your customers at the end of the year and wish them well for the holiday season.

7. Posters

There are many different size options for posters depending on how these will be used. If you have space limitations a colourful print on an A3 sheet will still be an effective way to advertise your promotion. If you have the wall space then go with the larger sizes to really make a statement.

8. Calendars

Calendars have been used by many businesses over the years as a gesture of goodwill. This is also a way of ensuring your business will be thought about through the remainder of the year. If you are in the financial services area you might want to consider a calendar based on the financial year rather than the calendar year.

While the idea of printing some smaller items in house might be the cheaper alternative, for business cards and stationery that you will send to customers and clients, using professional printers will protect your company’s reputation. Online printers offer great discounts too, so it will pay to look on line for your next printing job.

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