3 Options for Producing a Letterhead

Even in today’s electronic world most businesses still find a need for corresponding with customers and clients using printed stationery. Letterheads can be produced in house or there are many reliable letterhead printing services to be found locally or from the internet. Provided here are three options for producing a letterhead and the benefits of each.

1. Self print

For those who have an artistic flair, self printing could be an inexpensive option for producing a letterhead. There are some well designed templates available for free download through Microsoft and other software companies. Using a template gives you a base to start from and can be modified to suit.

If you need to add a picture or image these can be found through clip art. Even a basic word program will give dozens of choices of fonts that can be simple or dramatic with any number of sizes to select with a mouse click. The beauty of designing your own letterhead is being able to see through a preview screen how it will all turn out but it can take a while to get it right. Once you have designed the perfect layout the letterhead can be saved to file for use with all your written material to be sent to your customers.

2. Local printers

If you prefer to deal with someone face to face then a visit to your local printer might be best. Perhaps you have stationery or letterheads that need to be revamped so take a sample with you or have someone from the printing company create a design for you based on your industry or the products you sell. Using a local printer will mean you can call in at any stage of the design process to see how things looks on paper.

3. Online printers

With the move toward shopping online, finding a printer from the comfort of your home or office desk has become an easy and convenient option. The printers offer different paper weights and finishes and have graphic designers to help with all the design steps through to the final layout. A good printer will give you options for your individual specifications.

A reliable brochure printing company will work in with you and your requirements so don’t be shy about asking questions and getting as much information as possible from the printers before committing your order. Find out if they provide delivery or if this is going to be an added expense.

Producing your own letterhead is not for everyone. It takes time to design anything on a computer and unless you have excellent skills in this area you may find yourself getting frustrated just trying to get the alignments right. The costs of ink and paper need to be considered and the finish may not be of the quality you were after.

Going to the professionals at Dark Horse will give you better choices and a finer result. Of course, once they have your letterhead design on file, the reprints will be cheaper and can be used for other stationery requirements, so contact Dark Horse today.

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