5 Uses for the Printed Swing Tag

Whether you are running a clothing boutique or gift store, you will need to label the individual products you have for sale. There are a number of label printing services available on line that will help you decide on the type of label that is best for your product.

The printed swing tag is ideal for clothing but has many other uses. They can be easily attached to bags and luggage with different types of cotton, string or plastic fasteners.

Have the tags printed in bold designs or with your own company logo to:

Label your product

  • Identify style, size and price in the shop front
  • Provide instant recognition for your brand name
  • Advertise a sale
  • Name tags at workshops

Labelling your product with a quality printed tag is also a marketing technique. It can provide instant recognition for your logo, brand or a given message. Think how effective the Australian Made label has become by being placed on any product that has this endorsement.

Swing tags are a great way to advertise sales. Have a bunch of them printed with ‘summer sale’ ‘end of season sale’ or the ‘stock clearance sale’ and leave the back clear to write in the sale price. Attached to any item on sale makes this an easy form of identification when a customer brings the goods to your counter. An alternative is custom sticker printing, which may be a cheaper option and useful for packaged products.

Name tags are a necessity at workshops and conferences where there are a large number of participants. The swing tag can be printed for use in lanyards at seminars and community events.

There are many stores that can take advantage of this type of labelling system, such as:

  • Clothing boutiques – to identify each item of apparel and note the style and size
  • Menswear stores – for sizing information on shirts and trousers
  • Luggage and travel goods – to mark each bag and perhaps add a warranty card
  • Furniture stores – for pricing and specifics in fabric or material used
  • Shoe stores – for size and price
  • Nurseries – to price the plant and planting guide
  • Bike shops – as labels and pricing information

The tags can be printed on different card thicknesses depending on your needs and attached with string or clips. They can be embossed or coated with a glossy finish for a touch of extra style.

Have a look on the internet for some great deals offered by online printers. The printers can even help you come up with a unique and original design to suit your individual theme in vivid colours with a trendy or classic creation. The tags can be printed on one side or both – use the front for your logo and the back for the style, size and price.

The swing tag is all about labelling your products and identifying the merchandise for sale so a well thought out design and a professional finish will make things easier for your customers.

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