Best 6 Reasons to use Printing Services

If you have a printing job coming up, you may be tempted to create your own design and produce your own stationery using your new laser printer. While it is certainly possible to print in house there are many reasons this could go horribly wrong. The following tips are the best 6 reasons you would be better off using a printing service instead for producing letterheads to color flyer printing.


The costs of using printing services may well be a lot cheaper than you think. There are many printing companies to choose from so their aim is to give you the best deal, a quality product that costs less than other printers just to stay ahead of their competition. Using on line printers can have additional savings for bulk prints and some offer free delivery to metropolitan areas so make sure you research well for the best deals available.

Not only should you factor into the costs the materials needed to produce the final product, such as paper or card, ink and electricity remember there is also the time spent in getting the design and layout right as well as the actual printing time.


If someone in the office is going to spend valuable time with designs and layout they are being taken away from their normal tasks. In the long run this will cost the company money. Even though there may need to be some discussions with the printers the time spent in house will be a lot less. To commission work from a printer is straight forward and they will take care of the finer details you may not have thought about.


Printing services have graphic designers on hand that can assist with the entire project. They can take your initial ideas and turn them in to a work of art or you can leave the entire job to them for something that is original and unique. The designers can even match your existing logo or themes and incorporate them into the new look.


While non-commercial laser printers have come a long way in recent years and can produce a professional finish, if you want your printed material in colour the bubble jet colour ink printer will be a poor second best as far as the end result goes. Using your in house printers for basic letter and word processing functions is fine but can prove to be costly for bulk printing. Use a reputable brochure printing service to produce a finer end result.


Printing services will ensure any brochures or booklets can be professionally bound giving an ordinary looking leaflet set a professional finish. This is something not easily done in your own office unless you have the latest binding machines at your fingertips.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing can be accessed through most larger printing companies giving another dimension for your printing requirements. Letters can be personalised to include names and addresses and brochures can have not only text but images and graphics changed from one print to the next to include all of your targeted audiences.

End Result

If you have chosen the right printer the end result gained by using printing services will be crisp and clean. Ideally the final print will appear polished and professional.

At the end of the day if you are producing a printed product to attract potential sales it makes sense to have a professional finish that only printing services can provide.

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