3 Different Ways to Design Greeting Cards

There are many options in these days of electronic media for designing your own greeting card. For those with an inbuilt artistic flair this can be an easy task but for the rest of us we may need help from the experts. Certainly for the greeting card printing it is best to go with a professional printer especially if the cards are to be used for business purposes.

Greeting cards can range in style from formal to casual. The tone may be a serious message along with a special thank you to show appreciation for your customer’s patronage or they may be light hearted with a humorous undertone. Whatever the occasion make sure the message is portrayed in the most professional way.

Design your own card

A great solution if you are creative and artistic enough is to design your own greeting cards. If you are also computer savvy, produce the design electronically ready to submit to the printer. All you need to do is come up with a unique theme then use a painting software program to draw your idea. Add colours and background tones to bring the card to life.

Text can easily be placed anywhere on the front cover and for a message inside the card. Use the back cover to promote your business, add a footnote or your return address.

Search on line

There are many free software programs available on line offering templates for pre-designed greeting cards for every occasion. From Christmas and seasonal greetings to letting your customers know you have moved a greeting card is a simple yet effective way to keep in touch.

Digital scrapbooks have hundreds of ideas for greeting card designs and messages. Clipart has an extensive library of artwork that can be downloaded for free. The only difficult thing here is deciding on the image that’s right for your greeting. The use of photos can make the design process easier.

Use a graphic designer

Printing companies will be happy to work with you to create a design from your own idea or have the graphic designer do the whole thing for you from scratch if you are not sure what you want or where to start. Graphic designers have studied for many years to become adept in their chosen field, it stand to reason they know what they are doing better than you.

Greeting cards are a novel way to show your appreciation to your customers or simply keep in touch. Using a reputable company to produce your card for you, need not be overly expensive. You can help the process by coming up with your own idea to let the designers build on. Do as much of the preparation and layout as you can before presenting the concept to a professional printer for added savings. Designing is not for everyone though, so be sure to seek help when you need it, with the design and final printed copy.

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