5 Ideas to make a Brochure that Works

Brochures play a large part in advertising for your business. Apart from being used as an information tool they are also a form of exposure for your company and products. The difference between a successful brochure and a failure may be as simple as outsourcing the design. Choosing the right brochure printing services for the job will certainly always help to achieve the desired outcome. Consider these ideas to make sure your next promotional campaign using a brochure, works in your favour to increase sales and attract potential customers.
  1. Preparation
  2. As with all projects that succeed, preparation is the key. The first steps in getting a brochure printed are: Identifying your audience Reasons for the brochure Desired Outcomes Before you think about taking your ideas to the printers make sure you have answered these initial questions. For instance, if you are marketing a product for children the audience is actually the parents. The reason for the brochure might be to let people know about events in the following year so this would provide the catalyst for producing a brochure that will last whereas a brochure to advertise a sale need not be of such a high standard.
  3. Design
  4. A good design will set the scene for all the steps that follow in the brochure printing process. Most printing companies have experienced designers on site or access to freelancers. Work closely with the appointed graphic designer and give them the necessary templates to all your existing logos or motifs so they can come up with a theme to match your company’s profile and strategies. Aim for an original or unique style that is different to your competitors.
  5. Colour
  6. The budget will play a determining factor in the use of colours for your brochure. Black and white need not be boring if the design is well thought through and can be rather striking in certain formats. Introduction of colours will be best left to the designer who will aim to bring in contrasts that coordinate with your logos.
  7. Layout
  8. The layout for a brochure will be slightly more complex than flyers printing when having to take in to account the different folds available and the way the brochure will be bound. Take advice from the designer and the printing company as they have the experience in what layout will work best with the message you are trying to get across.
  9. Quality
  10. Having a brochure produced that is of an appropriate quality for your needs could prove to be an expensive item unless you research the printing options available. Using a local printer could save you money in delivery while sourcing a printer on line could mean further options for discounts. Always choose a printer that offers savings on bulk purchases and use of templates for a second print run.
Whether you are using a brochure as part of a sales campaign or an informative newsletter, prepare in advance and work in with the printing company of your choice. Make sure the arrangements with the printer include proofing the work before committing to the final copy.

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