Top 4 Ideas for Sticker Printing

Stickers are more than a gimmick to keep children amused. Used as labels, stickers can also be an effective way of advertising and organising products and office supplies. Sticker printing has come a long way in recent years with attractive designs and bold colours that help your brand stand out. Some labels are produced with water and UV resistant adhesives making them ideal for outdoor use as well.

Types of stickers

Before you go ahead with the design and print take some time to think about how the stickers will be used and have a look at the different types of stickers available. If you are using the stickers as give away items for a promotional campaign identify your targeted audience.

As children’s gifts you will want the stickers to be colourful and with a minimum of text. While as a business promotion a more subtle approach may be called for and designs that are basic but striking with the use of colours and designs

Colours and designs

The use of colours and designs with your stickers can make all the difference between stickers that look like all the others and one that stands out from the rest. Two colour tones can have a dramatic effect such as black on white or red and blue. If the budget allows, four colour prints give the sticker a dramatic and vibrant look.

Size and shapes

Local printers and online printing companies are open to variations of the standard printing size and shapes of stickers. Simply request your specifications in the initial order. Stickers can range in size for mailing addresses to be included on the back of envelopes to bumper stickers for cars so there are many options to choose from.

Where to go to get your labels printed

Researching the right colour brochure printing services might be seen as the first approach in having stickers professionally printed. Source a local printer if they are close by and can do the work within your deadlines. Search for a printer online and take advantage of the special offers for bulk printing and second print runs. Online printers are working within a competitive market so are more likely to product quality results within your time frame and will even provide free or low cost delivery to major centres.

You may be using the stickers for use within your store to label products or as a way of introducing some organisation into your office. Basic black printing on a white background will work well or have the background colour coded for different areas.

What ever the reason for using stickers, make sure they are well presented and use quality materials to give a professional finish. Be creative with designs and the use of colours for an effective marketing campaign.

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