5 Ways to Incorporate Booklet Printing for your Promotional Campaign

Booklet printing is a great way to attract attention to your business. Incorporate booklet printing into your next promotional campaign and you may be more than pleasantly surprised at the positive results this could achieve.

Printing companies offer different styles of print, paperweights, design and binding so be sure to look at all the options available. Remember to check out online services too for some great savings for bulk printing and second-time prints.

1. The Diary – Calendar Year or Financial Planner

For the calendar year — diaries designed with a specific topic in mind can make a great gift for special customers or can become a product for sale in their own right. If you run a nursery or garden centre use the gardening theme with images at strategically placed points in the diary. For instance, announce the beginning of a new season and give advice on what flowers or shrubs should be planted.

For the financial year – this is a great marketing idea for anyone in the financial services industry. Having financial year diaries for sale or use as gifts of appreciation to staff is a sensible promotional tool. Target small businesses with advice on checklists for the end of month procedures or reminders to pay superannuation or prepare business activity statements for the tax department.

2. User Manuals

Professionally produced user manuals are a positive aspect in the promotion of your product. Not everyone is familiar or happy to be using electronic versions of manuals or getting help from the Internet. Providing a hard copy manual, well designed, printed and bound to be included with the sale of any of your technical products will make a genuine impression on your customers.

3. Exhibition Catalogues

Exhibition catalogues and brochures can be used to promote your products and businesses at special events. Have them professionally bound with perfect binding to produce a polished look. Other bindings may be Saddle Stitch – the ideal method for booklets less than 60 pages or Wire Binding for larger projects. Use of colours and special designs and layouts will enhance the whole affect.

4. Promotional and Sales Catalogues

Promoting a sale or special event will benefit from a colourful catalogue. Itemise products and provide detailed descriptions for everything you have on sale. Include brands, model numbers and technical specifications giving the customer a one stop shop to compare prices with your competitors.

It could be well worth a little extra time sourcing the printers online. They offer special deals for bulk prints and once your design is on file second print runs can be easy to order. The convenience of shopping from your computer far outweighs any trip to your local printer.

Printed booklets are ideal for sales promotions or advertising events but do make sure the final look is well thought out, designed and printed. Reputable printing companies have been in the business for years and want to create a finished product that lives up to their reputation so you know they will look after you for all your printing needs.

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