4 Common Mistakes in Book Printing

Whether you want to print a book or booklet, save time and money by getting the job done right the first time. There is more to booklet printing than simply having an idea. Here are some of the four common mistakes to avoid in your endeavour to a finished product.

1. Self or In-House Printing

Deciding to print anything for the public, in-house, is wrought with pitfalls. It may seem like a cheaper and easier option in these days of modern technology, but unless you have been trained in the art of graphic design you may end up with a complete disaster.

Professional printing companies have been in the business of producing printed material for many years. They are in a competitive industry that will ensure the work and services provided are top of the range and continually updated.

The overall expense of self printing is not necessarily less either if you factor in the cost of inks, paper and your time.

2. Getting your Market Wrong

It is important to keep in mind your target audience or the market you are hoping to attract when writing a book of any size. Getting your market wrong could be the difference between a successful campaign that generates sales and one that goes horribly off beam.

3. Not Paying Attention to Detail

Proofreading is another area that can be neglected in the desire to get to an end result. With the use of word processors and spell checks it is easy to overlook grammatical errors and typing mistakes that are not picked up initially.

Read the book on screen and look for things such as duplicate words and double meanings. Once the draft or proof has been received from the printer, print the document out. Many errors are overlooked when using a preview on a monitor. Editing a printed copy in front of you can highlight further mistakes.

Be sure to check the finer details too, as in dates or technical terms and descriptions. If the booklet consists of tables or spreadsheets, use a ruler to work your way through each line. It can be useful to have someone spell names or read out numerical data.

4. Choosing an Inexperienced Printer

While it is easy to shop online for a printer these days, don’t be mislead by companies new to the industry. Research the book printing services thoroughly to make sure the one you are using is experienced and will deliver quality results.

Find out long before you commit the job to a particular firm the length of time it will take them to produce a proof before the final print and what sort of guarantee they offer, if any.

If you have spent weeks or even months in getting the copy ready for print the last thing you need is for the final product to not live up to your expectations.

Be sure to research, check and review at every step and you have a much greater chance of a successful outcome. For more advice and information, contact the friendly team at Dark Horse today.

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