4 Reasons Why You Should Use Personalised Wine Labels for Your Next Celebration

There is much to be considered when planning a special function from a wedding to a corporate event. Organising a venue and selecting the best catering firm can be incredibly time consuming. What about the mementos of the occasion? If this is a truly special affair, personalised wine bottles might be given as a token of thanks. Finding label printing services online is easy and convenient leaving you time to get on with the other things on your list.

Here are four reasons why you might want to use personalised wine labels for your next celebration or function.

1. A Special Keepsake

To celebrate a wedding or any special day such as a birthday milestone or anniversary a keepsake for the guests is recognised as the perfect gesture to thank people for attending.

Traditionally for a wedding this might have been an edible gift of chocolates or sweets. A bottle of wine that needs to be cellared for five years will be a pleasant reminder for guests and for yourselves on the fifth anniversary.

The labels could include a photo of the happy couple with a poem about marriage and a message of thanks to all those in attendance.

2. As a Display on the Night

Setting the wine bottles on the tables will create a romantic and festive atmosphere especially if the labels have a photograph on them. Extend the use of colours and styles from your wedding theme for a streamlined and elegant look.

If you are using the wine bottles at a special promotion, build a display on an entrance table or counter to set the scene for the event.

3. Promote your Business

For the corporate event or function, personalised wine labels can help to promote your business. As in any form of advertising, quality printing will reflect the calibre of your business and products. Fundraisers can benefit too. Sell or raffle the wine in cases or even auction a wine produced especially for the event.

4. Leave a Lasting Impression

Whether the wine is to be used at a private function or public display, personalised wine label printing is certainly a good way to make a lasting impression. For friends and family at a wedding or birthday celebration a bottle of wine in the gift basket will let them know how much you appreciate them. While for a business promotion or as a thank you to clients it will invoke a sense of professionalism about your company.

Using wine bottles as gifts or having the wine on tables to be used as a beverage at your next celebration may be well worth the benefits that result. The idea shows you have taken extra time and thought into planning the whole event and want to be remembered with enthusiasm.

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