What is variable data printing? How can it help your business?

What is variable data printing?

The term ‘variable data printing’ is used to define a printing method that personalises information on an individual document. For example you may want to use a brochure printing service to produce a set of brochures. These can be customised with the recipients name on the front cover or any page within the brochure.

There are any number of medium that can be used to take advantage of variable data printing including postcards, newsletters, calendars and posters. Variable data printing uses information from an external data base file seamlessly and without interruption to the printing process. Change text or images making your message relevant to the reader.

How can it help your business?

Customer loyalty can be greatly improved if mail outs are delivered with a personal greeting. Variable data printing can create higher response rates and more orders from your customers.

What can be printed using variable data?

The choice of printed material is only limited to your imagination. Printing companies that offer different sizes and specifications to meet your requirements should be given preference for your printing job.


Send customers a postcard letting them know about a future event or sales promotion. They will be thrilled with the personal touch.


Personalise brochures with customers’ name and reference to their previous purchases or change images and products to suit the individual client.


Regular newsletters providing industry news and even community events can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

Direct Mail Letters

Letters to clients are enhanced with personalised greetings and reference to their name throughout the body of the document. You can refer to a particular product or future promotion to suit the individual customers’ needs. Mail merge has been around for some time but having your stationery professionally printed and personalised gives your message a competent look.

Greeting Cards

What better way to let your customers know you have thought about them than with a greeting card. You can have the cards printed in bulk to save costs then customise each one.


Have your customers’ family name printed on a calendar for a great end of year gift and a special way to say thank you for their continuing patronage. If you have different product lines each month can be changed to match the item you are promoting.


While it is most common for the text to change in variable date printing, images and graphics are also able to be adjusted. This gives greater scope for a series of posters using a main theme with slight variations on each.

Variable data printing is offered by most printing companies and even online printers. Consider using the online option to make the process convenient, quick and efficient. Digital printing has taken marketing to a new level, by combining data base information in one of the many formats available be it a letter or customised postcard, your business is bound to benefit.

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