Online Printers – Are They Worth the Money?

With all the modern computer equipment available nowadays, it might seem an easy and inexpensive solution to print your own stationery but with so many other printing options available it is worth looking at all the choices whether the job is for business card printing or a bulk mail out.

Online printers offer a variety of services and material not dissimilar to local printers but are they worth the money? You may want to look closely at the time and costs it could take to produce your own printed stationery.

Self printing– what is involved in terms of your time and costs?

Printing your own stationery may not be the most cost effective way to produce letterheads and promotional materials. There is more to it than adding up the price of the materials such as paper or card and printing ink. By the time you factor in the time for design it could cost more than you’d anticipated.

Coloured printer cartridges can work out to be quite costly too especially for big jobs where hundreds of items are required. There is also the time factor to be considered. If you or a staff member are taken away from the usual daily work load that time lost translates to money wasted.

Local printers or online printers – how do they compare?

Whether you use a local printer or online printer may depend on your own expertise with computers and previous on line shopping experiences. Commissioning local printers to do the work means you will be able to see the finished result in hard copy and pick the goods up when the job is complete.

Online printers make for the most convenient way to order printed materials. The ease of selecting design, colour, paper size from your own computer makes for a stress free experience.

What can be printed?

The options for what can be printed do not vary greatly from the local to an online printer. You can find companies to take on most printing jobs and there are even brochure printing services who specialise in design saving you more of your precious time.

Consider all the that is available by using online printers and look at promotional materials such as colour flyers and brochures. A regular newsletter can be produced for reasonable costs if the printers have your basic layout and contact details and logo on file. They may even be able to assist in setting up the original template.

Full colour postcards, bumper stickers as well as the traditional business card and everything in between can all be sourced from online printers meaning you can have all your printing needs catered for in the one place.

Are online printers worth the money?

There are many great options for promotional printing or even in house stationery. If you’re after a quick turn around and convenient shopping then online printers may well be worth researching as an alternative and less expensive way for all your printing needs.

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