Top 3 Benefits of Promotional Printing

Promotional printing plays a vital role in gaining exposure for your business. While it is a form of advertising the different options available make it a less obvious way of promoting your company and products. Even letterhead and envelope printing can be seen as advertising or promotional printing. Here are the top three benefits to be gained.

Inexpensive Form of Advertising

Promotional printing is an inexpensive form of advertising. There is no need to buy advertising space in newspapers or magazines. Television and radio campaigns are way out of reach for the average business. But having a logo and business details printed on stationery and other items means your name or brand is being announced to the public.

This could be in the way of —


Use letterheads for all your mail outs from invoicing to letters.


Match your envelopes with the same logo and design on the letterhead for a uniform and consistent look.


Using calendars as gifts at the end of the year or even mid way to announce the new financial year are a great way to get your name on the wall of all your customers.

Improves Customer Relations

By giving customers something personalised you are improving your customer relations. These could be in the form of:

    • Greeting cards
    • Postcards
    • Gift vouchers

Greeting cards need not be reserved for the holiday season. They can be sent at other times of the year as a way of touching base with your clientele. Postcards are a nice touch too as the back can be used for a personal message.

Gift vouchers are popular for anyone struggling with a present. The vouchers are just as much a promotional item as a flyer if they include your brand name or logo.

Provides Information

Promotional printing provides information for your customers with the use of flyers, brochures and newsletters.


Flyers are an inexpensive way to promote an upcoming event or announce a sale. They could also be used to introduce a new product on offer or a new staff member’s profile. Simple to produce they are a cheaper alternative to the brochure.


The brochures printing process can be as simple or elaborate as the budget allows. Mono printing need not look cheap if designed well and coloured brochures stand out. Both of these provide hard copy information to your customers that can be handed out or delivered to your targeted audience.


Newsletters sent regularly keep customers informed of industry events and changes without being seen as an obvious advertising ploy. Instead of advertising a product you may want to talk about specifications. The newsletter is a good way to introduce new employees and they in turn can contribute with news about their projects.

Marketing a product or business can be done in many different forms. If you are using promotional materials in your next campaign spend some time on the right design and make sure the printing work is perfect. If the job is done well to begin with the benefits will be seen for a long time.

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