How to Find the Right Printing Service for you Printing Job

If you are in the market for a printing service, you want the job done as simply and efficiently as possible. Finding the right printing service is easy when you follow some basic principles. Whether you are after letterhead printing services or a company that can provide all your printing needs think about what you want from the service and make some notes before approaching the provider.
  • How much of the job can you do yourself?
  • Perhaps you already have a well designed logo or template from a previous printing job. It may be that you have something specific in mind for a new letterhead for instance and want to match all your existing stationery. Whatever the job you have in mind, be clear in with your directions by asking for what you want to be designed or produced for you and what you can do ahead of time yourself.
  • Is the job urgent? Will the company be able to deliver on time?
  • Find out up front how long the job will take not just to print stage but delivery of the final product as well. If you want something done urgently make sure the company will be able to deliver on time. Most online services state a maximum number of days to completion date with 48 hour delivery to capital cities or regional centres.
  • Speaking of delivery, is this an additional cost?
  • Before the job is booked find out about any additional costs such as delivery up front. Get the price in writing and request a quote before you commit yourself to any deal. If you are outside the metropolitan area there may be fee on top.
  • What about package deals?
  • If you have more than one printing job check if there is a discount or package deal available. Many printers will give more than a few dollars off for producing several different types of stationery and package deals such as letterheads and envelopes. By using the same printer each time further savings can be made as they will already have your templates on file and re-design won’t be necessary.
  • Look at options on line
  • Checking out the options available with online printing offers will save you more time by not having to drive to a printing company and spending precious minutes in their waiting room. Using services from the web are a convenient way to shop. Selections can be made at your leisure and requests for special designs or other requirements can be made electronically.
  • Is there a guarantee? Are you able to check the proofs before going to print?
The finished product should always be e-mailed to you for final approval before the print is run. Make sure these are checked and reviewed thoroughly or this may void any guarantee offered by the printers.

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