4 Options for Creating a Newsletter

Newsletters of yesteryear seem dull and monotonous when you look at all the options available today to create a newsletter that is vibrant, colourful and maybe that little bit different from the rest. A colour booklet printing style for your newsletter that is professionally produced need not be expensive if you use the same format and the same printers each time.

The content of the newsletter will depend on the nature of your business and ability to write about what you know about. Before you get busy with the wording there are other things you need to take into consideration. Have a look at these four options for creating a newsletter.

1. Self print or call in the professionals?

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not you have the time to not only write the content but design the format and print the end result. If you are pressed for time it could prove beneficial to look at the printing services available not only from your local printer but from online printing services.

More often than not these printing services are cost effective and have a much quicker turn around time than something you could produce yourself. The end result is sleeker and more professional so may well be worth considering.

2. Flyer form

It is not always necessary to produce a newsletter that is more than one page. If there is not a great deal of content for your particular business or industry it might be better giving snippets of information with the use of a flyer that can be produced on a regular basis. It is possible that only one sheet of paper is all you need to get your message across. This means there will always be something to say next time. Obviously the costs of production will be less as well.

3. Brochure style

On the other hand if you have a lot of exciting industry news then go all out and produce a brochure style newsletter. Contracting a brochure printing services supplier can turn an idea into a colourful and informative publication that will not only please your current customers but entice potential sales.

4. Colour booklet

Perhaps this is an annual newsletter that will give you the scope to cram all your strategies for the year ahead or maybe you have a great promotional gimmick coming up that will benefit from the exposure. A colour booklet is the perfect way to be recognised and exude professionalism. Magazine printing is all about having something to offer to your clientele that will make them want to come and visit your store.

We have come a long way from the days of mono printing or even having to type out our newsletters for use on the Gestetner printer where every key stroke mattered. These days it is so easy to get it right before the final print so make sure you have researched your options and the end results suit your needs and your business will benefit.

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