5 Reasons Why a Newsletter can Benefit Your Business

Newsletters are an interesting way to inform your customers of developments within your company and your industry. While it is advisable to steer away from the obvious advertising campaign, writing a monthly or quarterly newsletter that is unique and relevant to your customers can be a worthwhile promotion for your business. Sourcing an online printer about booklet printing can turn your ideas for a newsletter into reality.

1. Familiarity

Customers receiving a regular newsletter feel that they are part of your business or organisation. If the newsletter is well written it will be something to look forward to each month. You could even start a topic and cover different areas over a series of publications giving the readers a sense of anticipation for what you may have to say next time.

2. Informative

Newsletters are a great medium to let people know what is happening in the industry and not just your particular business. For instance a computer or information technology store might talk about the latest software versions or operating systems for Microsoft. While a real estate agency could discuss latest trends in the sale of units in a particular area.

The information is generic rather than looking as if you are drumming up business or blatantly advertising.

3. Exposure

The best advertising campaign is all about exposure. Newsletters can have a positive affect on exposure without being hard sell. Leave the obvious advertisements to your brochures and make the newsletter about what’s happening or exciting and new developments to look forward to.

4. Reminders

A regular newsletter is a great reminder to your customers. It is a way to make sure everyone remembers you. While trying not to sound like an advertising campaign you can let them know about the great sale you have planned or a promotional events such as a competition or raffle.

You can turn the newsletter into something of interest for everyone in the community and if you have enough content you could even look at laying out the format ready for a magazine printing style.

5. Public relations

A newsletter is an accepted form of public relations and can be used by other businesses to promote products or services that will benefit your business. You could even sell advertising space with a view to recoup some of the costs of the publication.

Content for a newsletter needs to be informative and relevant or the customer will throw it away before reading past the introduction. If you struggle with not having enough to say get the assistance of your staff members or use this in your newsletter and ask for contributions from your readers.

The format needs to be well thought out and easy to read. The use of headings and numbered or bullet points makes for easier reading than a block form of content that is used simply to fill the space on the page without actually saying much. If you are serious about promoting your business consider a newsletter. Make it a regular event and so interesting that your customers will look forward to receiving the next edition.

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