4 Promotional Ideas for Brand Name Printing

Getting customers to sit up and take notice of your business can be as simple as putting the best promotional ideas into practise. Develop a theme for your brand name and use it to promote your business on everything from envelope to postcard printing. Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Photo Posters

Bring the brand to life using photo posters. Save on design costs by having a photo ready to be enlarged. Use photo posters to decorate your shop or office space.

Posters can be used to advertise a sale or upcoming event. Take pictures of the products and bring them to life. Hairdressing salons could use photo posters with before and after shots. A photo enlarged and reproduced to high standards gives a quality look to the poster which will say much about your business.

2. Postcard Printing

Having postcards printed is a novel way to remind your customers you are still in business. These can also be used for a letterbox drop to introduce your products or services to the larger neighbourhood.

3. Greeting Card Printing

Greeting cards are now recognised as a successful way to let your customers know they are important to you. These don’t haven’t to be just about a holiday season. If you have your customers birthdays on file why not send them a card?

Printing can be arranged with the year ahead in mind. Make a list of the customers you want to send cards to and order accordingly. Either use one theme for all or have a couple of selections. A comic style versus a serious or thoughtful card for those you know will appreciate the sentiment. Have the cards redesigned with a new message for the following year.

Personalise each one with a hand written message for that special touch.

4. Envelope Printing

Match the logo from your letterheads to the envelopes the letters arrive in, your customers will know instantly who the letter is from. Envelope printing is an instant way to be recognised then there is the follow through with the letterhead or invoice inside.

All businesses need to allow funds in their budget for advertising. Brand name printing has become much easier through the use of the Internet and online printers making it an affordable advertising option. Printers have access to graphic designers and can help with logo and design ideas to make sure your business is promoted in a favourable and eye catching way.

Promoting your brand name with the use of some different materials can help to attract potential customers and remind existing ones about your products and services. This list has only touched the surface of what is available.

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