Does Your Company Stationery Portray The Proper Image?

Where were you when you first heard someone say that first impressions are everything? Possibly, you were at a business meeting or conference early in your career. This bit of sage wisdom is usually taught to newcomers who are affiliated with the business world for the first time in their lives. They absorb the idea that a business suit or other, more formal clothing makes a much better impression on a potential customer than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They learn that their appearance has an effect on people, and that first glimpse of a person is often the image that is remembered the most.

This adage is especially true when you consider the impact that your company stationary can make on the world at large. That small sheet of paper commonly called stationary is literally the line of contact between you and the world. No matter where in the world your stationary goes, it represents you and your company. That is a pretty tall order for a letter-sized rectangle of paper!

You want your company stationary to portray the proper image. What is considered the “proper” image? A lot depends on what kind of company you have. For example, if you work in the financial area or in management of a large company, chances are you do not wear shorts and flip flops to work. You have a professional dress code, which is adhered to by those in your position, and sometimes by those who aspire to be in your position. You look a certain way because you have a certain job to do. The same rules should apply to your company stationary.

Without the proper appearance, you cannot represent your company correctly. You must maintain a professional appearance to be taken seriously, and your company stationary should not march to the beat of a different drummer! Silly cartoons, flowers and hearts, or lewd images have no place on company stationary, yet it is amazing just how often such things will show up in some corporate offices for approval. And, it shows a lack of business sense when these types of stationary are approved by those in charge of a business.

Even if your business is flowers and hearts or something similar, you’ll find that your company is seen as much more efficient if your stationary portrays it as a professional operation. This is what letterhead printing services do best. You just can’t get the level of quality you need for business stationary from your home printer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cheaper is better when it comes to something as important as your business stationary! It’s fine to cut corners in other parts of your business, but not here. Remember, that stationary that leaves your office and goes out into the world is you, the only you that many people will ever see!

But, what if you have no idea where to begin when it comes to designing your stationary? The solution to your dilemma is quite simple. Letterhead printing services will often help you design a letterhead that is perfect for your business needs, and the price of this professional assistance is usually very little. In some cases, it is done at no charge. What more could you ask for? Find yourself a good online printing service when the time comes for you to order your company stationary.

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