Postcards are Perfect for Promoting Your Business

If there was one off-line marketing strategy that business owners should take advantage of, it’s the use of postcards. Yes, customized postcards! Why are postcards such a great way to promote a business? You’ll find that people enjoy receiving even a simple postcard that is addressed to them in the mail. In these days of email correspondence, it is rather nice to get back to the “old fashion” way of communicating!And, since it isn’t enclosed in an envelope, any message you write on the outside is sure to be seen, not only by the intended recipient, but more thank likely by other people while the postcard was making its way through the mail system. Of course, you want a good-looking postcard, and one that will be eye-catching as well. Colour is a given; though a black and white custom postcard would get your message out to those you mailed it to, it definitely wouldn’t stand out like a lovely coloured postcard. If you are looking for a business that does an absolutely spectacular job on customized postcard printing then look no further than Dark Horse Print and Design, which some business owners consider the best printing and graphic design business in all of Australia. Dark Horse is quite experienced in the art of creating custom post cards, and will be more than happy to help you to design postcards that will suit your needs beautifully. All you really need to do is give them some idea of what you want to see on the card in the way of what type of paper, the graphics and colours, and what size you would like. Just a hint – the standard A6 card size does seem to be the most popular. Of course, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours after you have turned your order in to Dark Horse that will contain the artwork, or proofs, of your postcard. Study these carefully, and make sure that the postcards look and say exactly what you want. If by chance they do not, Dark Horse will cheerfully do alterations on them as many times as it take to get the postcards just the way you want them to be. The fast turn around time that Dark Horse provides will absolutely amaze you, as their prices will, too! They will have your postcards printing soon after your order goes in, and they will be shipped to you in 3-5 days. There will be no hidden charges on your post cards. All of the prices at Dark Horse include GST, plus design and delivery to anywhere in Australia. Advertising your business with post cards is highly cost effective, and can make quite a difference in your customer numbers! You can get an idea of this quite easily by adding a coupon code on each postcard, then see how many of these have been used. Postcards can be just as effective in advertising your business as a television advertisement – for a much lower cost!

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